Now Is The Time indeed

June 11, 2021 — Greve, Denmark

Today is a special day for all of us here at Alefarm Brewing.

We look forward to this day every year because it marks the yearly release of a beer that we are wildly excited about. We are excited because today, we release this year’s batch of Now Is The Time.

Now Is The Time is a springtime IPA brewed with fresh spruce tips that we have foraged from the local woods, Greve Skov.

Our ambition with this beer is to encapsulate the season in a flavorful offering that features bright resin and gentle citrus carried by a silken malt base.

Freshly poured glass of Now Is The Time

Freshly poured glass of Now Is The Time.

The hops bring a roundness to the flavor profile that is dominated by the spruce tip taste and aroma. A gentle tannic bitterness resides on the finish, equally stemming from the hot-side hopping and the generous spruce tip addition.

Now Is The Time is a beer that is a balanced and sessionable drinking experience, making for a beer that essentially is the taste of Alefarm Brewing and our local surroundings.

All the best,

Kasper Tidemann

Kasper Tidemann

Founder and CEO

Alefarm Brewing A/S

Kasper Tidemann

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Kasper Tidemann is the Founder and CEO of Alefarm Brewing. Originally a software developer with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Kasper has a strong focus on authenticity, craftmanship and compassion - and he believes firmly in the fact that quality is built on love.


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