Copenhagen Creamsicle is back

July 12, 2021 — Greve, Denmark

It’s that time of the year, friends!

We know that some of you have been waiting in much anticipation for this one to drop, so we are quite excited to tell you that this year’s batch of Copenhagen Creamsicle is now packaged and ready for sale.

This year’s batch is hitting all the notes of the inspirational creamsicle - the world-famous Københavnerstang - with the flavors in greater balance this year.

There’s lots of pineapple cream on the nose followed by notes of tropical pineapple and creamy vanilla. A touch of lemon provides a subtle acid to keep the residual sugar in balance. On the finish is sweet vanilla that will leave you with the perception of drinking a summertime dessert.

Copenhagen Creamsicle in the tap room at the brewery

Copenhagen Creamsicle in the tap room at the brewery.

Be sure to get your cans of Copenhagen Creamsicle while supplies last. This one usually sells out fast due to limited availability.

All the best,

Kasper Tidemann

Kasper Tidemann

Founder and CEO

Alefarm Brewing A/S

Kasper Tidemann

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Kasper Tidemann is the Founder and CEO of Alefarm Brewing. Originally a software developer with more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Kasper has a strong focus on authenticity, craftmanship and compassion - and he believes firmly in the fact that quality is built on love.


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